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WordPress is a powerful Web development platform which offers an extensive range of features for creating truly impressive business websites. Since its inception in 2003, the platform has come a long way and has now emerged as a reliable web development solution for professional websites and e-commerce stores. It comes as no surprise that over 32% of the websites today are powered up by this platform. WordPress continues to be a strong reliable web development platform with an amazing set of features. The advantages of this web development platform are endless.


The most vibrant feature of WordPress is its ease of use. Anyone can learn while playing with the software because it has an intuitive interface. It comes with a built-in admin dashboard where you add new pages, posts, or categories, change themes and settings, and much more. 


As the highest amount of traffic comes from mobile devices websites need to be responsive to reach the potential audience. WordPress offers a responsive design which ensures that your website runs seamlessly on different devices, without having to develop desktop and mobile versions of your website.


Plugins are the backbone of this platform. By making use of plugins, users can customize the site and add the desired features and functionalities to it. All you need to do to add a new feature to the site is to install a plugin. There are literally thousands of free and paid for plugins available to do what ever you want to do.


WooCommerce, the free eCommerce plugin for WordPress, enables the creation of highly appealing and feature-packed e-commerce stores. WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress and serves as a powerful e-commerce solution which gives complete control to both store owners and developers so that you can sell your goods online.



With WordPress, the site can grow as the business grows because of the outstanding scalability of this platform. It is possible for the site to have thousands of pages or blog posts added to it, without compromising its performance at all. For this reason, WordPress serves as an ideal platform for businesses that foresee extensive growth in the future.


With WordPress, the coding needs are reduced to the minimum as the platform comes with an array of user-friendly tools which enable you to do a lot without any coding skills. Managing content, creating drafts, revising posts, inserting media, and planning the publications, all can be done easily with minimal coding.



Search engines love WordPress because the code is simple and clean that makes it easy to read and index the content on the site. Additionally, it gives control to customise the SEO components for each page so you can secure high search rankings. Also, there are lots of SEO plugins available for WordPress which can extend the website’s reach.


WordPress allows for easy social media integration too which enables business websites to extend their reach by harnessing social channels. This means that getting traffic to these sites becomes easier by extending the social reach. There is no need to login to the social accounts separately as the website integrates seamlessly with all of them.



Securing your WordPress website is easy because the platform offers some powerful plugins and tools to strengthen it on the security front. By choosing WordPress for your business website, you can ensure your site will be safe from hackers .


WordPress is the most cost effective development platform because it is open-source in nature. The design and development as well as the maintenance expenses of a WordPress site are relatively cheap. You can manage and update the site on your own and require professional assistance only for major jobs.

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Should you focus on getting your business online during lockdown?

An eCommerce website is a great way to keep your business running during the lockdown.
The UK has the third largest eCommerce market in the world and, with many people now working from home or furloughed from work, it’s no surprise that there’s been a boom in online shopping.

It’s not just big companies that are seeing an increase in online trade, as many small and medium businesses turn to their website to drive sales while their bricks-and-mortar shop doors are closed.

Before transitioning your business to an online shop, there’s a lot to consider. From choosing the right platform to navigating the highly competitive Google Search rankings and enabling safe and secure payment systems, you have your work cut out.

Taking your business online with an eCommerce website
When it comes to launching an eCommerce website, it’s paramount that your website is set up in a safe and secure manner. Even the most beautiful eCommerce site will fall flat without a valid SSL certificate, safe checkout and secure payment method for customers. (we provide you with an SSL certificate free)

It only takes a few technical hiccups for customers to completely lose trust in your online store and, inevitably, your brand. So, choose a website provider you can trust. And, if you don’t feel confident to go-it-alone, The Web Specialists are always here to help

With a trusted web partner by your side, you can guarantee your customers the best possible buying experience. Meanwhile, you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. For instance, keeping your store fully stocked and providing first-class customer service.

We work with businesses all over the country to create beautiful, fully-responsive websites, so you can run your business online – even in lockdown. Email us at for more info.

Managing customer service on an eCommerce website
In a world of online reviews and angry Twitter rants, it’s more important than ever to keep your customers happy. When you sell products online, you can take advantage of a number of tools to manage customer relations.

With Live Chat, customers can ask questions directly to you or your sales teams. This saves customers the time and energy of emailing you or going to Twitter to ask a simple query about delivery or stock levels.

Using social media to grow eCommerce sales
In recent years, social media platforms have upped their eCommerce game. Now, you can easily link your website to your Facebook page and list products or services in a dedicated section, giving visitors an insight into what you sell. From here, you can either encourage customers to send Messenger enquiries or take traffic direct to your site. Either way, if your customers are actively using Facebook, we highly recommend making use of this tool as part of your social media strategy.

If you need help transforming your current WordPress website into an eCommerce website or you want to start from scratch with an online shop, just get in touch!